4th Int’l Conference & Gathering of Elders concludes

Sanskriti Sanchar (News Bulletin of Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication) special on ICCS Conference

Day 1: Inaugral session

4th March, 2012

4th International Conference and gathering of the elders started at Dev Sanskriti University (DSVV) Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India in Collaboration with the International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS).

About 250 participants across the Globe from more than 33 countries gathered here. The inauguration started with the lightening of the lamp by HH Swami Dayananda Sarswaty. Inaugrating the programme Dr. Radheshyam Dwivedi, the organizer of the programme called it as a special event saturated with the feeling of ‘Vasudhev kutumbkam’. Prayers of about 20 different religions and traditions were conducted by Shree Ram Vaidya.

The representatives from traditions of Maya, Pagans of Hungary, Kyrgyzstan and Poland, Native Americans from Canada & USA, Maori from New Zealand, Druid from UK, Japies from Japan, Romuva & Ramava from Lithuania and Latvia, Buddhist from Myanmar and Tibet, Cham from Vietnam, and Hindus from Nepal, Bali and South Africa, Adi and Idu Mishmi from Arunanchal Pradesh, native of Ghana  presented their respective prayers and charged the audience with a spirit of Devotion and wonder. Language could not be the barrier in transmitting the message of love, devotion and peace.

Expressing the theme of the conference representative of ICCS Mr. Saumitra Gokhale called the conference to be more than an academic one, a family reunion after 3 years. He stressed that there is no need to convert or dominate other cultures or religions; instead there is need of genuine respect and appreciation for each other, feeling of oneness. The main theme of the program is to promote universal brotherhood and preserve their indigenous culture and traditions which are at the verge of extinction and to preserve for the coming generations.

Distinguished guest Swami Dayanand Saraswati founder of Arsha Vidya Gurukul and the authority on Vedanta called it very inspiring to see so many human expressions of devotion to lord. SwamiJi wondered why some people come here to destroy. Violence against culture is against the basic code of humanity. When born all is given to flourish, which is to be protected and nourished. We are all managing trustee of colorful culture to enrich humanity. It is only in India that even the intruders are given shelter. He urged for non violent approach towards humanity and regular need of meeting for cultural unification. He called all to be as they are and enjoy as they are and nurture each other.

In his Presidential address Dr Pranav Pandya, Chancellor DSVV said that there has been much bloodshed during last decade due to various kinds of differences.  Conferences like this focused on the unity of various traditions and cultures can be the effective solution in this direction. He described this year to be very special one for Sun worship. Gayatri mantra with deity Sun being the giver of righteous knowledge is the key to nourish the balance.

On the occasion VC Dr. SD Sharma, Registrar Sandeep Kumar, Pro VC Dr. Chinmay Pandya, UK Vidhan Sabha Chairman Haribans Kapur, Mr. Vinod Chamoli Mayor Dehradun and Suresh Soni were also present. A souvenir was also released on the occasion.

Day 2 :

Day 3 :

Day 4 : Valedictory session

7th March, 2012

Valedictory session started with lightning of lamp by Dr. Pranav Pandya and RSS President Mohan Bhagwat as a chief guest. Shyam Parande welcomed all the delegates and said that diversity has impaled the community. He appreciated the divine ambience of Dev Sanskrit Vishwavidyalya, and also emphasize on creating awareness in our self; then only can we nourish the balance of universe. He has expressed the opportunity of organizing the next international gathering in the south India. After that Pragya geet was presented by the student of Dev Sanskriti Vishvawavidyalya.

“This is the gathering of elders. It doesn’t mean by age alone but by thoughts also. Some Young dynamites are working for the cause of Traditions. They are also the elders – Dynamic elders.” said Shoumitre Gokhle and invited the five such representatives  on the stage. First Inra Chaka, Katrina, Leila and many more

Inra Chaka said when people ask me that Chaka what you do? Then I reply that I am a dreamer, today I came here in India because I dreamt for India when I was young. When I grew up I started to see society in which we don’t treat everyone equally, in India guests are treated as god. Today we are forgetting our rituals traditions and practices. Language is the means of communication and the beauty of languages should be preserved because it deserves it. He was very thankful to the conference and said that this conference has made his dream come true. Versatile in his approach, he said he was doing just everything to realize his dream. Leila from USA recited the poem full of feeling and emotions about the non existence of the different country without boundaries. She said that we have drawn the boundaries of the country, we are not different but we are same. At last she said that don’t call me American because I am human.

Chancellor of  Dev Sanskrit Vishwavidyalya Dr. Pranav Pandya greeted the foreign delegates and said with his Conference at Dev Sanskrit Vishwavidyalya University a new era of Revival of ancient traditions of the World has triggered. It will add a new chapter in the calendar of humanity. He said that whole universe is united in a single culture and message from all the country is same that is the message of love, compensation and sympathy. Peace is the ultimate goal of all prayer, because peace has only one colure that is white. When seven colures merge, together they form one white color. And at last the programme was concluded by RSS President Mohanji Bhagwat. He congratulated all for the courage for   their tradition. He said that this conference on “Nourishing the Balance of universe” is a new beginning. Today world is suffering from grave misbalance of the nature; therefore world has started looking at the ancient traditions. He also emphasized to know one’s tradition and live it.

At last 5 elders were awarded Doctorate of Philosophy for their contribution over the preservation and promotion of the ancient traditions they represent. Following PhDs were awarded by Mohanji Bhagwat and Dr. Pranav Pandya.

  1. Kenneth Cameron Kennedy, New Zealand, Maori
  2. Grand Chief Stanley Bearly, Canada, Native American
  3. Elizabeth Araujo, Guatemala, Maya
  4. Jonas Trikunas of Lithuania
  5. Social activist Jagdev Ram from Chitrakoot India

The Conference ended with a happy note and new resolves. The next gathering of the elders after 3 years was decided to be held in Southern part of India.

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