A 3 day workshop on Non Conventional Energy Conservation concluded

A workshop on “Non conventional Energy” concluded which ran from 4 th to 6 th May. In the first phase of the program, Dr. Abhay Saxena presented the report of the program. In the three day workshop, on first day, lectures were given by the various national and international speakers on the various aspects of the non conventional energy. On the second day, the students were made aware of the different techniques of saving and making energy. A professor from IIT taught to make electricity from “Jamun” (Blackberry). According to him, electricity can be produced through fruits as well. He presented a model for the purpose. Dr. Reema Pant displayed a model for Solar Energy. She related her Model made by Foil paper to Solar Energy. Shri Bhupendra Mandal from DSVV displayed a model on Geo electricity.

All the lecturers gave a training session to students on new techniques in the “Hands on Training” session.

On the third and concluding day of the workshop, the Chief Guest of the program, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, addressing the program said that lots of use is being made of non conventional energy today. Nations like Germany, Japan etc. are making almost 90 % use of non conventional energy on large scale. According to Dr. Pandya, ‘Awareness is much important than knowledge in this field’. Today we need to think getting out of selfishness, narrow mindedness, and idleness so that everyone can execute one’s responsibility properly.