A 3 day Workshop on Yoga Awareness organized by Distance Education Center

A three day workshop is being organized by Distance Education Department in Dev Sanskriti University from 19 th June to 21 st June, 2016. The main objective of the workshop on “Yoga and human Excellence” is to produce a solution so as to make human life more rhythmic and harmonious. 

The inauguration of the program was done by Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV.  Dr. Pandya introduced the students to the art of living life. According to him “Man has infinite potentials”, by developing which the doors to many mysteries of life can be unlocked. Along with that, by making Yoga a part of one’s life, creativity goes on increasing in one’s life.

On the second say of the workshop, on the occasion of “International Yoga Day”, Dr. Kamta Prasad Sahu and Shri Ram Avtar Patidar made students practice yoga as per Yoga Protocol for two hours. The Yoga Instructors trained the aspirants in Yoga for curing various diseases. Along with the demonstration of Yoga, the students presented “Nukkad Natak” (play) for social awareness on embryo killing, environment, dowry and eradication of intoxication.

Shri Sandeep Kumar, the Registrar of DSVV, delivered speech on “Mental Health” to the audience which comprised of the students and the teachers of DSVV.