A conference held on “Commendable Curiosity & Positive Psychology”

A positive discussion was held on “Commendable Curiosity & Positive Psychology” by the Computer Department of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya along with the Communication, Education, Cultural and Tourism Departments of the university. In the event, the  members presented their ideas on personal, social, domestic and on the progress of the institution. Addressing the meeting of the program, Dr. Sanjay Saxena from America, presented a lecture on positive psychology. According to Dr. Saxena, dreaming positively over a set quest and then underlining a design to simplify the way of making it to reach others is the major part of an “applausive curiosity”.

Dr. Abhay Saxena, the Head of the Computer Department in the meeting remarked that it is only through the building of a personality that the expansion of proper functioning of big institutions has been possible. He said that the key to do a task is to get dissolved in it completely. Summarizing the meeting, Dr. Sukhnandan Singh from Communication Department presented his views on the cultural renaissance. Teachers of the Tourism and Cultural Department put forward the creative aspects of the research, employment, innovation etc. Where as the teachers of the Communication Department presented their views on documentation, presentation, communication, etc.

The conclusion that was drawn from the views of all the members in the discussion was that while accomplishing a task, it is necessary to pay special attention to the aspect of “Commendable Curiosity“.