A Group of Startup India Project visits DSVV for training in Small and Cottage Industry

A team of 40 students and teachers from Dolphin Institute reached DSVV for Cottage and Small Industry training. The team visited the university from 25 th April to 30 th April during the “Start-UP India Project” Program. According to the Organizer Institution, the Dolphin Institute, there is a lot of creative work on entrepreneurship being done in Dev Sanskriti University, among which the paper industry, handicraft industry, jute works, textile industry are the leading works. The program coordinator Institute, “Uttarakhand Industrial Association and the Drug Manufacturing Association of Uttarakhand” appreciated the entrepreneurship works of DSVV. According to the Program Coordinator, Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, all students and teachers learned a lot during the tour and assimilated the important techniques on how to manage things in lesser time. They were all really impressed by the Rural Department of DSVV.

At the conclusion of the program, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, said that by training and making people aware of the Skill Development techniques in Small Industries of India, will lead the nation to progressiveness. Today we require not the large industries but skilled persons who can lead the society to a new direction.

At the closing ceremony, all the students and teachers expressed their gratitude to DSVV that besides bringing all the knowledge, they have grasped in this short span of time, into their lives, they will also try to spread the awareness in this regard.