A Seminar held on the necessity for breed improvement and organic farming

On 16th October, a Seminar was organized by the Rural Department of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya on “Indigenous Breed Improvement, Organic Farming & Rural Economy.” Inaugurating the seminar, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Shri Sharad Pardhy, remarked that the necessity of rural life is the key mantra of the 21 st century. According to him there is onerous requirement of rural management to overcome the anomalies of life, today. Serious discussions were held in rural management meetings by Dr. K. N. Dubey, Dr. Karan Singh, Dr. R. G. Sharma and Dr. S. K. Pandey from the department of rural management. After the Green and White Revolutions of Farming, the scientists were seen moved by the suicide incidents of farmers. They discussed on the factors that why after cross breeding of cows though there was increase in the amount of milk production simultaneously there was increase in the number of diseases also.