A Special Workshop on Yoga organized in Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya

A day long special workshop on Yoga was organized on 26th February in the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. Prestigious Yoga Institutions and special experts spoke in the workshop. About 34 participants from important academic centres of North India took part in the workshop.The main objective of the workshop was to develop qualities in examiners and to provide them information related to professional certificates.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Indian Yoga Association, Dr. S. P. Mishra, inaugurated the workshop. He stated that the entire world, today, is looking at India because Yoga is the necessity of every person in the world. Today we have scarcity of trained and experienced Yoga Instructors. With the help of this workshop we wished to prepare skilled and experienced yoga instructors. The other officer of the Quality Control of India, Dr. T. P. Ahluwalia, throwing light on the importance of QCI, said that it would be mandatory for every yoga instructor to pass the exam of QCI. Only then will he/she would be eligible to work as yoga instructor or yoga teacher in India or abroad. Professor Eshwar Bharadwaj from the Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, guided all yoga instructors by discussing, in detail, on what should be the essential qualities in a yoga instructor. The details of the outlines and the syllabus of the workshop were put forward by Dr. N. K. Yadav, who arrived from the Patanjali University.

Shri Rana, the General Manager of the Garhwal Development Corporation and the Chief Guest of the Program, and Shri Sharad Pardhy, the Vice Chancellor of DSVV, were also present on the occasion. At the conclusion of the program, Dr. Suresh Lal Barnwal, the Head of the Yoga and Health Department of DSVV, along with all the yoga teachers of the department extended vote of thanks to all the dignitaries of the program.