Aims and Objectives of the University

  • Dissemination of the tenets of Indian Culture and Human Values.
  • Education and Research in the disciplines of Dev Sanskriti and to promote a proper blend of Science and Spirituality.
  • Conducting research on various streams of science based on ancient Vedic Culture like Ayurveda, Science of
  • Mantras, Yogic Science, Psychology, Cosmology, Jyotish, Science of Yagya, Alternative Medicinal Therapies etc.
  • Teaching and Research in the fields related to self-employment, village management etc. with a view to usher a new social order based upon the vision of Kulpita Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.
  • Providing a residential environment to re-establish the ancient Gurukul tradition.

A commitment of the University

  • Advocating and upholding the fundamental values of Indian Culture with the aim of global cultural & spiritual renaissance.
  • Advancing the intellectual, cultural and spiritual welfare of the students by reviving the education pattern of the ancient times.
  • Sustaining sentiments of patriotism and service to society.
  • Developing a new generation of professionals to spread the ancient Vedic wisdom.
  • Working with established National and International institutes to enrich the educational quality and spiritual activities around the world.
  • Maintaining High standards of ethics and quality in research, teaching and administration.