Clinical Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychology was established in year 2002.

In the blind pursuit of materialism, man has become egocentric so much so that he has lost sensitivity, sensibility, serenity and adaptability which have tormented his inner self, consequently in spite of amazing progress in the field of science and technology, he finds himself entrapped into complexity of problems of personal, financial and social levels. Unable to cope up with disharmony in his life, he takes the shelter of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Keeping into consideration, the psychological problems caused by the so-called modern life and the need to provide possible solutions, the University has started the Department of Clinical Psychology.

Strengths :-

1 Great team spirit, qualified, dedicated and interdisciplinary research oriented faculty.
2 Excellent work environment and well equipped psychology laboratory.
3 Innovation oriented teaching with support of information communication technology.
4 Enhanced Knowledge domain with enriched Library.
5 Unique specializations in Ayurvedic psychology, Astro-psychology and Indigenous techniques in psychotherapy.

The department provides non-profit consultancy through Psychological Disorders Clinic, in the larger interest of socially disadvantaged individuals. The consultancy is provided in the following areas:
a. General Psychological Disorders
b. Neurosis: Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder etc.
c. Psychosis: Schizophrenia etc.
d. Substance Misuse Disorders
e. Personality Disorders
f. Emotional Disorders

Future Vision :

  • To conduct International Conference on the Indian Psychology and Indigenous Techniques in Psychotherapy.
  • To start Post Graduate diploma in guidance & counselling from the academic year 2015 – 2016.
  • To establish a center of prominence in Indigenous Psychology