Chanchal creates a new record of posing “Shirsasana” for 134 minutes

Chanchal Suryavanshi, an M. Sc. student of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, creates a new record by holding shirshashan (Headstand Yoga pose) for 134 minutes continuously. Under the medical supervision of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Chinmay Pandya and Dr. Gyaneshwar Mishra– MD, Chanchal held the pose in the Prayer Hall of DSVV. Besides the DSVV family, there were many people who witnessed the record making.

Chanchal, the son of a farmer couple, Shri Ganapati Suryavanshi and Smt. Gyarsi – residents of Betul, Madhya Pradesh, has been studying in DSVV since 2012 and from then on, he started practicing shirsasana. Inspired by last year’s record maker, Aditya Prakash who held shirsasana for 90 minutes, Chanchal continued his practice to prolong the time of holding the same pose day by day. An ordinary student in childhood, Chanchal resorted to playing chess to increase the power of his memory. With the guidance of his uncle, Narayan Khandai, he decided to study Yogic Science from DSVV, where he got the inspiration from the classes of Hon. Chancellor, Dr. Pranav Pandya, that “A youth never loses“. “In whichever field a youth moves with determination, success is always assured“. During this time he came to know that yoga and meditation are the best ways to enhance memory. Since then he is trying to increase the time of the posture. Chanchal eats only the food cooked in the mess hall and avoids junk food and those cooked outside the campus.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, himself had the posture conducted under his supervision. After 134 minutes of holding shirsasana, he verified Chanchal’s blood pressure and pulse rate which remained normal. Thereafter, Chanchal got involved in his daily routine. Chanchal expressed his gratitude towards Hon. Chancellor and the Pro-Vice Chancellor, who cooperated him in moving ahead in this direction. He also thanked his coach and yoga teacher Dr. Sunil Yadav, and the Head of the Yoga Department, Dr. Suresh Barnwal, without whose cooperation he could not have held the posture for 134 minutes. Chanchal wishes to do research in the field of Yogic Science in future so that he can make it reach to the masses in a scientific manner.