Debate Competition between 39 Universities of India in AMU

A debate competition was organized at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on 6th of February, 2016. A tough competition was held amidst 39 Universities from all over India. By securing third rank in this competition at national level, Dev Sanskriti University has proved that the University is in no way lesser than others.

The subject of the competition was “This House believes that India is an inclusive democracy“, in which the students from various parts of India, like  Makhanlal Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, Jamiya Vishwavidyalaya, Delhi, Delhi Vishwavidyalaya, Vallpuram Vishwavidyalaya, Kerala, Mushidabad, Kolkata, etc., presented their views.

From DSVV, Gupta Ganesh Om Prakash and Pragya Kumari, student of B.Ed. expressed their views. The Judges and the Audience appreciated their views. At the end of the ceremony, they were honored and awarded by the Vice Chancellor of the AMU. It is to be noted that over the past few years, DSVV has made its mark by winning many awards in the National Debate Competitions, due to which DSVV receives special invitation for such competitions.
The honored students of the National Debate Competition received warm wishes from the Honorable Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of DSVV. They expressed that here in this university, every student is taught to learn Indian Culture and imbibe knowledge of living life. It is due to this fact that the student of DSVV, who is committed to live life accordingly, is able to make a unique identity amidst several universities from all over India.