Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal (DSIIJ) – A new approach to researches

Dev Sanskriti University has established itself with new thoughts and
vision to various topics, to give it a new approach and acknowledgement
a new Journal, DSIIJ is in existence.
The uniqueness of this Journal (ISSN 2279-0578) is that it would focus
on the indigenous (ancient Indian) researches. It is a quality conscious
peer reviewed Journal and would be published biannually in print form.
This Journal would provide an international forum for interdisciplinary
research relating to the indigenous knowledge. The aim of the Journal
is to provide a platform for the researches, innovators, scholars, experts,
educators, and students to share their views, trends and innovations
around the globe.
There is no fee structure for the publication. The detailed information
could be gathered or correspondence could be made through email id’s