Extensive Discussion held on Alternative Energy Resources

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Andres Lubins, an industrialist from Latvia, met Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Dev Sanskriti University. Mr. Lubins is the founder of the Grandeg Incorporation Institution. The meeting saw the discussion on “Energy Resources”. According to the meeting, it would be necessary to be aware of the energy related facts in the coming time. Energy is limited in quantity and it is being continuously used. The more the alternative sources of energy are made available, the more the energy can be saved. In short a detailed discussion on Alternative Energy Resources was held between the two dignitaries.

Putting forward his opinion, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, said that the energy keeps on transforming but the reserves of the energy in the earth are limited. And due to this fact the time today is most apt to pay attention to the alternative and natural resources of energy. Creative initiatives have been taken within the Dev Sanskriti University to develop alternative energy resources like Solar energy, Bio Gas Plant, etc.

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