Korean delegates visits Shantikunj and DSVV

8 Korean delegates visited Shantikunj and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya on a 2 day spiritual visit. 3 of the delegates were Monks from the Ananda Margi group and others were Professors of Psychology. Acharya Cittarainjananda, the leader and the group, had visited for the second time after the 1st International Yog Festival, which was organized from 7-13th March, 2010.

The previous experience of the International Festival and the spiritual memories from Shantikunj brought him back to India and this time, with more people. All the participants ensured active participation in not only the scheduled activities like Yagya, Yog, Naturopathy,  Panchkarma, and Meditation but also they intended to learn more about Param Pujya Gurudev, Yug Nirman Yojana, and the activities to bring back the Golden era. The group was moved to know the plethora of initiatives being taken by Shantikunj and the societal activities we are involved in. Understanding the Science behind Yagya, Mantra and other Spiritual tools gave them a new dimension to explore in.

The heart-touching and soul refreshing moments were exchanged with Shradhyeya Doctor Saheb and SnehSalila JiJi, where each and every individual experienced the unconditional love and care being bestowed by JiJi and Doctor Saheb. They could as well feel the divinity in Shantikunj and its surroundings and could sense the vibrations deeply.

Acharya Cittarainjananda extended his warm intentions to establish further strong association with the University and to introduce more laureates of the Republic of Korea to the Spiritual hermitage, Shantikunj. Also, in principle, the University was proposed to conduct more Short term training programmes for the Korean scholars.

The delegate was moved and inspired by the community initiatives, hospitality, spiritual therapies, experiences with student volunteers, and above all the cherishing memorable moments they had spent with Shradhyeya Doctor Saheb and SnehSalila JiJi.