MOU signed between DSVV and Gyancity, Denmark

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Gyan City, Denmark and Dev Sanskriti University. A consensus has been reached to work in the areas of new dimensions in research, scholarships, conferences, seminars, educational and teaching techniques etc. Through mutual understanding both the institutions would exchange views on various aspects of knowledge in different areas of research.

According to Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University, through this MOU, new ideas in the field of technology and knowledge would be viewed through research angle and then be developed for the utilization of the society. Dr. Pandya said that the co-ordination of natural and technical knowledge can refine the lives of an individual and the society. Besides this, the establishment of the Gyan City Center would cause the teachers and students to explore the other areas, thus helping in discovering of the new aspects of knowledge. The MOU also involves the publication of an international journal.

According to the Director of the Gyan City Center, Shri Vishwjeet Pandey, knowledge has various forms, which may be given a new direction, today, by presenting them to the society in line with technological and social perspective. Shri Pandey is associated with the Euro-physics department of the National Institute of Euro Physics.

An Important role was played by Dr. Abhay Saxena, the Head of the Computer Department of DSVV, in getting this MOU signed.