A two day National symposium was organized by the Department of Environmental Sciences of  the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar during the 15-16, September, 2017. A total of 05 senior delegates physically participated in the event, besides more than 200 students of U.G/P.G. courses in the subjects of Environmental Sciences, Yogic Science, Education & Psychology from the university.

(i) Inaugural Session:The inaugural session began by enkindling of the lamp by the guests of this session followed by Kulgeet of the Vishwavidyalaya. Coordinator of the department of Environmental Science, Dr.Pankaj Saini, welcomed all the guests of the session. Faculty members of the Department felicitated all the delegates with bouquet and a Gayatri mantra chadar. Dr.Sudhanshu Kaushik addressed about the theme of the title. He emphasized on sustainable way of life which is useful to conserve the ozone layer. He explained the importance of ozone layer according to the Rigveda. The Registrar of the university, Shri Sandeep Kumar, the Special guest of the program told about the ozone and gave a remarkable speech on the role of yajna in conservation of environment, in general, and ozone layer in particular. The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Chinmay Pandya, elaborated about the research areas of the university and the importance of the National symposium. He also emphasized on the importance of ozone layer conservation. Dr. Sushil Bhadula extended vote of thanks to all the delegates. Inaugural session ended with the Shantipath. During this National Symposium a total of 05 invited specialized lectures were delivered by the senior professors and experts, working on myriad aspects of Environment and ozone layer conservation.

(ii) Technical session I: The session began with the lecture delivered by Prof. V.D. Pandey from Govt. PG college Rishikesh on the topic “Caring for all life under the sun”. He discussed about the role of eco-friendly life style in conservation of ozone. He also emphasized on impacts of pollutants and how we can minimize the impacts of these pollutants on environment as well as on human health. He expertly talked about mechanism of formation and degradation of ozone layer.