National Workshop on “Revitalization of River Ganga by Phytoremediation”

The Department of Environmental Science organized a one day workshop on 29th July, 2016 in DSVV on the topic “Revitalization of River Ganga by Phytoremediation“. Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of DSVV, told the workshop being organized on a very important topic. He said that the University and the Shantikunj are very much aware for the rescue of River Ganga and play an important role for the same. India’s distinguished scientist professor B. D. Joshi explained the significance of the title of the workshop that not only the River Ganga but the rivers of entire world can be purified by the method. In this technique the plants remove the poisonous and harmful pollutants like cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chromium from the rivers. Professor V.D. Joshi Pandey from Government College, quoting the important plants like mustard plant, sunflower said, that the plants are capable of absorbing toxic substances.