“BrahmVarchas Shodha Sansthan”, the research centre of Shantikunj, Haridwar was established by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya in 1979. It is situated at the Saptsarover road about 5 kilometers away from the Haridwar station in the direction of Rishikesh beneath the Himalayan range in India .
This centre is dedicated to the integration of the modern and ancient sciences in a practical way motivated by the noble goal of health and happiness for all. Innovative scientific research aimed at grass root applications is being carried out here in the ancient sciences in an enliven collaboration with the relevant modern sciences. Major areas of research include – Ayurveda and Yagyopathy, Total Psychology, The Science of Mantra and its Therapeutic Applications, The Philosophy and Science of Yoga, Sadhana, Mantra and Tantra and the Science of Spirituality, etc.
This center houses well equipped laboratories of Haemetology, Biochemistry, Neurophysiology, Cardiology, Phytochemistry, Psychometry, Yagyopathy etc. Apart from its own team of doctors, engineers, scientists and philosophers, the center has live interaction with the Hospital, Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Yoga Labs of Shantikunj and with some of the Hospitals and Universities in and around Haridwar . Distinguished researchers, professors and other experts also visit the center regularly.
It has a rare collection of Himalayan herbs and medicinal samples prepared from the same after thorough experimental research. Several of the Ayurvedic medicines prepared here are in great demand as these have been found effective in the treatment of some otherwise incurable or advanced stage diseases.
Research studies of tens of Ph. D. degrees awarded from different universities in India have been carried out here and larger nos. are currently ongoing. The topics range from “Vedic Cosmology”, “Review of the multiple dimensions of Vedic Culture” to “The Effects of Japa, Pranayam, Shavasana and Yagya on Human Physiology”….
ardiology Chamber

• Neurology

• Bio-Chemistry Laboratory

• Haematology Chamber

• Electrophysiology Chamber

• Pulmonary Chamber

• Psychosomatic Chamber