Two students from the Garhwal Mandal were selected for the Main Republic Day Parade held at Delhi. Ku. Tanya Kanwal of theDev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya was one of them who received training for the parade from 1st to 25th of January. Finally she participated in the Main Republic Day Parade on 26th of January and uplifted the honor of the University. According to the student, it was necessary for the participants to practice regularly for 6-7 hours. During evening hours, the participants of all the states were required to demonstrate special cultural activities from their respective states.

The Honorable Chancellor of the University, Dr. Pranav Pandya, congratulated Tanya for making the University proud. According to Hon. Chancellor, the participation of DSVV in the Republic Day Parade consecutively for the 7th year is a moment of great pride not only for the University but also for the Uttarakhand state. Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, also congratulated Tanya. He said that it is only through strict discipline and patience that a person earns such a great achievement. The program was coordinated by Dr. Arunesh Parashar.

Dr. Parashar also played an important role in National Youth Parliament by coordinating programs held at district and state levels. He was awarded with an honor and a commendation letter for his entire duty within the committee. The Volunteers of the Dev Sanskriti University also performed well in the Parliament. They displayed about 35 video messages in the Parliament from which 3 were selected. Three students were also selected by way of interview. Gaurav Joshi was selected for the State level participation. Other Volunteers Narendra Makode, Kartikeya and Yash Kumar also performed excellently in the Parliament.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University extended greetings to all the teachers and students on the occasion.