State Level Wrestling Championship held at DSVV

Uttarakhand Wrestling Association held a two day state level wrestling competition in the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, which concluded today. In the contest, a total of 42 players, from Haridwar, Dehradun, Pauri Garhwal, Almora, Udhamsingh Nagar and the players from Uttarakhand Police, displayed their Stamina. The Chief Guest of the closing ceremony, Shri Navprabhat ji, the Transport Minister of the State, said that the participation of nearly hundred players in the wrestling tournament organized in DSVV shows that the state is making progress in sports, too. He said that the DSVV family is eligible for gratitude for collaborating with the state federation in conducting the competition. Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Shri Sharad Pardhy, said that this competition is an opportunity for the players to move ahead and the students should focus on improving skills rather than on the result of the competition. He asked the players to pledge to play with the spirit of sportsmanship. Shri Narendra Singh, a senior member of the Competition Organizer Board and the Sports Official of the university, told that a total of 42 players participated in the senior, junior and sub-junior group under male and female category. The contest was held under various weight groups. Those who had already represented the state at national level also fought in the contest. A National player, Neetu from Almora, said that everyone was encouraged by the resources and the family environment of DSVV.

Those who were present on the occasion included Shri Sandeep Kumar, the Registrar of the University, Shri V.D. Singh, the Secretary of the Wrestling Association, Shri V. P. Guruwant, the acting Secretary, Shri Umesh Joshi, a Senior Official, Shri Pradeep Sharma, the Coach of the Sports Society of India, and the other officials and coaches of the Uttarkhand Wrestling Federation.