The program Technophilia – 2017, running for the past two days at Dev Sanskriti University, had a magnificent ending. 160 students participated in the six competitions held under this program organized by the department of Computer Science.

Addressing the students and teachers on the occasion of closing ceremony, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university, appeal all the students to become value-added technocrats.  He said that the current situation is full of challenges. Nature, society, environment is much polluted, today. In such a critical situation, love, goodwill and affection are the only inheritance that can be justify for our future generations.

Professor Abhay Saxena, the Head of the department of Computer Science, spoke about making new technology as a part of one’s life. Giving information about the 6 competitions held in the workshop (Bug of Debug, NFS, Assemble Jumble, E-Poster, Blind Coding, Tech-charades), Ms. Pragya Agrawal declared that the award of Technophilia-2017 is being honored to Diwakar Pandey from B.Sc.

Mr. Chandrashekhar Patel received the Best Teacher Award for the year 2017 in Computer Science Department. The awards and certificates, on the occasion, were distributed by the honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university. Dais operations were handled by Dr. Gopal Krishna Sharma. Others those who played important roles in making the program successful included Mr. Partha Gautam, Dr. Rajeshwari, Dr. Naveen, Bhanupriya and Sarita Dhangi.