The opening of the India’s third and the State’s first Judo Academy

The state level Judo Championship begins in DSVV. This occasion also witnessed the inauguration ceremony of the India’s third but the state’s first Judo Academy in DSVV. Thus, besides studying yoga, psychology, journalism and other subjects, students can also get advantage by learning Judo.

The lighting of the lamp for this occasion was jointly done by the Chief Secretary of the Uttarakhand Government, Shri N. Ravishankar, the Chief Secretary of the Irrigation Department, Shri Anand Vardhan and the Hon. Chancellor of the DSVV, Dr. Pranav Pandya. Addressing the opening Ceremony, Shri Ravishankar, said that the programs of such type for the training in Judo would prove a milestone in the all round development of the youth. He said that in increasing the productivity by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, usefulness of a healthy body is very important and for that besides learning yoga it is necessary to get involve in activities like Judo, as well. He congratulated the DSVV administration for opening the state’s first Judo Academy.

In his presidential address, Hon. Chancellor Dr. Pranav Pandya highlighted the historical background of Judo. He explained that the term “Judo” means “Internal Enthusiasm”. Whomsoever has enthusiasm and exaltation of spirit, hurdles can never stay for long before him, because the spirit is also strengthened with the strength of the body, he expressed. In line with the Judo Academy in Sonepat (Haryana), Anantpur (Andhra Pradesh), the Hon. Chancellor inaugurated a third such academy in DSVV. He hoped that through such academy, the judo players of the Uttarakhand state would be trimmed who would brighten the name of our nation at national and international level. He told that a coach has been appointed for the academy to do the job.

The President of Judo Federation of India, Shri Mukesh Kumar, elaborated on the judo activities going on in the entire nation. He expressed that to hone such Judo Players of the Academy to help them reach to the international level, an arrangement for a well-trained Japanese Coach would be also be made. He also wished that a special camp for the training of girls in judo would also be organized

The Chief Secretary (Irrigation Department, Uttarakhand), Shri Anand Vardhan said that besides raising the mental and physical standards, Judo provides protective benefits as well. It is to be noted that Shri Vardhan is especially interested in Judo and has been actively involved in the area in the past.

Shri Rajeev Sharma, the President of the Uttarakhand Judo Association, expressed that this Academy would play an important role by bringing forward the players from the state to the international level. On this occasion, Shri Sharad Pardhy, the Vice Chancellor of DSVV, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of DSVV, Shri Sanjay Kumar, the General Secretary of the Uttarakhand Judo Association, and Shri Yashveer also expressed their views. Demonstration of Judo Bout also took place on the occasion. 76 Judo players from various districts would exercise various tactics of Judo here.

The operation of the inauguration ceremony was conducted by Shri Gopal Sharma.