The Secretary of Defense Research and DRDO Dr. S Christopher visited DSVV

Dr. S. Christopher, the Secretary of Defense and DRDO, along with other people visited DSVV. They met Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, who made them aware of the programs being carried out in DSVV in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga. Dr. Pandya also threw light on the various camps being organized in the country for army personal. According to Dr. Pandya, there are various forms of researches being carried out in DSVV in the field of Yoga. On one hand plans are being made to work with the Ayush Department, while on the other hand we are working on how to get Yoga in every home of the nation.

Knowing the various achievements of DSVV, Dr. Christopher offered to work with DSVV in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda. He applauded the national achievements of DSVV in the field. During the talks, he also presented his views to work with DSVV in future. Dr. Pandya assured him to keep working together on the research works of ancient practices.

In the touring team, the Director of DRDO, General Manas Mandal was also present.