Dev Sanskriti University played a key role in Plantation program held at Pantdeep

A Tree Plantation program was organized by the Government administration at Pantdeep location in Haridwar district in which a key role was played by the Dev Sanskriti University. Besides this, the university also conducted cleanliness campaign at various other places as well. The natural compost developed by pure cow dung from cowshed of DSVV was laid around the plants. Compost made from dry leaves was also used on large scale.

According to the Major of the Commanding Office, Shri Amit Sharma, the cooperation of the Dev Sanskriti University in the tree plantation program was very satisfactory and encouraging. The Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, expressed, on the occasion, that good and fertile land, in this era, can only be obtained through natural manure. Today it becomes necessary to mix only natural elements with the land so as to make it fertile and productive.

The Honorable Chancellor of the university, Dr. Pranav Pandya, conveyed his best wishes to all the co-operators and volunteers of the above program. He conveyed that at DSVV maximum utilization of natural materials is truly encouraged. The group that is sent for social work from the University and Shantikunj also promotes the vision of “Friends of the Environment” (Taru Mitra) for the protection of the atmosphere.