Many achievemnents were earned by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Dev Sanskriti University, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, in his 10 day tour program. In the first phase of the program, he met Prince Gazi Bin Mohammad where he had discussions on various current social issues. Dr. Pandya, besides speaking about the Prime Minister’s invitation to visit India, also invited the Prince for a meaningful program. It is to be noted that the Prince is an honourable Sheikh of the Central Asia. Next in the program, Dr. Pandya met Baroness Scotland, who is now the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. She wished to visit the Dev Sanskriti University during her tour to India. Dr. Pandya specially participated in the highlighted conference of the program whose theme was “Role of Faith-base Universities in promoting Respect”. The conference was jointly organized by the British Foreign Ministry and the Commonwealth Office. Views were expressed on the Universities contributing to the process of Giving respect globally by way of devotional and other techniques. In all, the chosen 20 Vice-Chancellors, from the entire world, were called to participate in the conference. Dr. Chinmay Pandya and the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Sir John Wood chaired the whole session while the entire program was presided over by BBC. In the conference, Dr. Pandya made everyone acquainted with the techniques of Science and Spiritualism followed by the Dev Sanskriti University.

After the conference, the festival of Basant Panchami was celebrated with full joy at the Gayatri Chetna Kendra.

In the final phase of the program, discussions were held with the Saints of Charles University, Maureek University of Check Republic and UNESCO delegation. Besides this, a work plan was built with the representative of the Genki Centre for peace, reconciliation, goodwill etc. Throughout the program, Dr. Pandya, being an Indian, by way of various mediums expanded the Indian Culture and Goodwill. He presented the Divine Culture and India somewhere by way of discussions, conversations, seminars and somewhere by way of conferences.