Workshop for Environment and Health Awareness through Plantation Campaign

A 7 day workshop was organized at DSVV by NSS on Environment and Health Awareness between 22 and 28 May, 2016. A campaign for tree plantation, rally, lectures, yoga awareness and self-promotion was run under the workshop. According to the chief guest of the program, the ex-district coordinator, Shri S.C. Tyagi, the improvement in the environment automatically brings in good health. Today, it is important to plant as many plants as possible and try to become friendly with nature. The coordinator of the program, Dr. Arunesh Parashar, said that man cannot survive without nature. Nature has been given a noun of “Mother” in Indian Culture so that we remain aware that the nature has to be protected and nurtured.

Presenting the outline of the program, Dr. Monika said that in these 7 days a wide tree plantation and awareness campaign will be carried out within Haridwar and nearby places surroundinnthe city.

Concluding the program, the coordinator of the Education department Dr. Raman Singh honored all the participants by distributing books on environment and self cultivation. Given the aspects of Clean India Campaign, separate camps were organized at different locations on sanitation.

The management of the program was done by Mrs. Anjali Bharadwaj. Those who were also present in the program were the program officer, Dr. Umakant Indoliya, Shri Avanendu Pandey, Shri Prakhar Pal Singh, Shri Prasoon Kumar, Shri Ajay bharadwaj, Shri Ashish Panwar and others.