On the occasion of World Tourism Day, various programs were organized by the Indian Culture and Tourism Department of the Dev Sanskriti University. The program began on 18th September with a 10 days Educational and Awareness Campaign. Further in the chain of program, creative programs, wave programs, sports programs, educational presentation programs etc. were organized.

Inaugurating the program, the Registrar of the university, Shri Sandeep Kumar, said that the aroma of culture automatically makes tourism sustainable. In addition to the rivers, trees, flora and fauna, the elements in nature are sufficient in quantity for its conservation. Detailing the outline of the program, the Chief Coordinator of the program, Dr Arunesh Parashar, said that the concept of culture automatically leads to conservation. The place where culture exists with religion and spirituality, durable principles automatically come in.

In the second phase of the program, Case-Study Presentation and quiz Competitions deeply attracted the attention of everyone. In sports competition, the Candy Race, Cycling, Treasure Hunt, Chair Race, Race etc. were organized. In wave activities, henna competition, face painting, poster making, slogan competition were organized successfully.