Yoga Awareness spread in Vietnam by Dr. Ritudhwaj Singh

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Dr. Ritudhwaj Singh, the Assistant Professor of Languages Department of the Dev Sanskriti University returned from his two-month’s visit to Vietnam. Dr. Singh was invited by the Adico Art, Sport and Culture Company of Hanoi (Vietnam) for a guest lecture on Yoga and Indian Philosophy in Teacher Training Program being run for Hanoi’s government and non-government teachers. The above program was a total of 200 hours duration in which Dr. Ritudhwaj Singh gave detailed knowledge in the context of Yoga Darshan, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga as well as the science of Gayatri Mantra, scientific and spiritual significance of yagya and Indian culture. He also had a lecture system on many other spiritual elements of Indian culture.

A large yoga-practicing program was also organized in the courtyard of the Indian Embassy to commemorate the International Day of Yoga in which many dignitaries including council members of Hanoi and officials of the Education Department participated. Besides the above program, free health counseling camp was also organized jointly by DSVV and the Adico Art, Sport and Culture Company.

Along with his academic work, Dr. Singh not only apprised the participants of Yajna, Deep Yagna, Mantra writing, collective chanting etc., but also trained them for the above work.

On returning to the university, he seeked blessings of the Honorable Chancellor, Dr. Pranav Pandya, and also met the Pro VC. According to the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the teachers of the Dev Sanskriti University are making important contributions in the field of Yoga, nationally as well as internationally. The entire DSVV family conveys best wishes and congratulations to Dr. Ritudhwaj Singh.

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