Yoga teachers awarded by the Government of Uttarakhand State

A 15 day Yoga training program was run by the Yoga Department of the Dev Sanskriti University at the Raj Bhavan (royal palace) on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Yogacharya Shri Sunil Yadav along with 10 students took part in the program. Besides teaching Asanas (postures) and Pranayam (breathing exercises), everyone was made aware to the micro principles of living life. The program was attended by all employees of the Raj Bhavan (royal palace). The main point of the program was to train employees so that the they could further enhance the activity at other locations. Under the program, in the Medical Camp,  the problems of all the participants were also solved.

At the conclusion of the program, the Head of the Yoga Department, Dr. Suresh Lal Barnwal and the Assistant Professor, Dr. Sunil Yadav, were honored by the Commendation Letter for special contribution in the field of yoga, yoga training, yoga awareness programs and for the development of yoga by mass awareness. The Commendation Letter was presented by the honorable Chief Minister of the Uttarakhand State, Shri Harish Rawat. According to the honorable Chief Minister, the role of the DSVV in the field of Yoga is a leading one, and it is a matter of pleasure that for the public awareness, DSVV is making its Yoga program to reach to the common masses.

Upon returning to the University, the HOD and all the students were congratulated by the members of the department and the rest of the DSVV family. According to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, the yoga instructors who had gone to the different areas on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, carried on the Yoga Awareness Campaign, studiously and harmoniously, and were honored by various institutions.