On 10th March 2023, Respected Pro Vice Chancellor Sir, Dr. Chinmay Pandya Ji, met and greeted a group of 11 people who had specially come from Hong Kong. They also intended to understand the Indian culture, the philosophy of Yoga, the principles of Ayurveda and Vedic histroy. They mentioned that how fascinating the rich culture of the university has been. They explored the campus and experienced the Indian values and culture first hand at Dev Sanskriti Vishwadyalaya.

After their arrival, the group received guidance from Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor Sir, Dr. Chinmay Pandya Ji. He introduced the group to scientific spirituality concepts of Human Excellence & Human Values, yoga, and Indian culture. The group was astonished to see the old Indian culture and its revival at Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. They applauded the efforts that have been made by our Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for making a mini-India model at Haridwar in the disguise of the university. They had shown their positive hopes to visit the university again in the future to gain peace, positivity, and refreshment.


देव संस्कृति विश्वविद्यालय में हांगकांग से 11 लोगों के एक समूह का आगमन हुआ। यह समूह विशेषकर भारतीय संस्कृति, योग और आयुर्वेद को जानने व समझने के लिए आया था। आगमन के पश्चात समूह ने आदरणीय प्रतिकुलपति डॉक्टर चिन्मय पंड्या जी से भेंट कर मार्गदर्शन प्राप्त किया। इस दौरान आदरणीय प्रति कुलपति जी मानवीय उत्कर्ष, मानवीय मूल्य, योग और भारतीय संस्कृति से परिचित कराया।