A proposal has been passed to teach a paper regarding “Introduction of COVID-19 and the Rescue Methods” at the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. Keeping in view the problem of COVID-19, many departments had proposed to take it as a separate paper in their syllabus. The Department of Tourism Management took a lead in this matter. According to the Heads of the Departments, today, all the sectors of Tourism and Hospitality are undergoing numerous problems. Due to the limited movement for activities, a tourist and his travel activities are all going on in small quantities. So a non-credit based paper has been prepared in order to find a balance with COVID-19. In this, students will be taught about the techniques which should be used to make adjustment with the current problem and how to avoid the problem with the use of masks, sanitizers and maintaining social distance, etc. By following the rules of the government and adopting various policies etc., a distance can be maintained with this problem to a great extent. Traditional and new technologies involved in Tourism have also been included in this content. At this time, the importance of Yoga Tourism, Ayurveda, Lifestyle etc. have greatly increased in Tourism. Responsible Tourism and development of Health Tourism will now be the basis of the new Tourism System.

In this sequence, the Department of Human Consciousness and Yogic Science is also making a Paper to include in its courses awakening students towards increasing immunity and their awareness of COVID-19. Besides explaining COVID in this paper, a discussion will be put on how to use different types of Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra and meditation etc., to increase immunity. A package related to this has also been prepared. Various experimenrts of mind and body have also been given place in this paper. The Head of the Department has also constituted a committee for this. The Department of Psychology of the University is also making a paper on how to eliminate the fear of COVID with the help of various techniques of mind. The Head of the Department has constituted its member committee to create its own awareness techniques and a package for the individual, family and the society.

Apart from this, other departments like, the Department of Computer Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, History, Rural Management, Environmental Science, Hindi and other Departments have also formulated a strategy to include this Paper in their Courses. The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, said keeping in view the far reaching effects in future, this kind of experiment to strengthen a person physically and mentally will prove to be a milestone in building personality. Students will also bring about positive changes in the society through this awareness program.