Hostel Rules and Regulations

These rules apply to both Boys and Girls Hostels.

  1. Preamble

The Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya which is vested with the authority of managing the Hostels for both Boys & Girls, has authorized the Chief Warden to manage the affairs of the hostels. The Chief Warden is assisted by a team of Wardens and a Superintendent and all of them are normally residents of the hostels. Maintenance of hostels and mess facilities is managed by the mess superintendent with the help of supervisory staff.

The mission of DSVV is displayed at all important and strategic points in the hostel area. This dictum silently contributes to the healthy environment of commitment and discipline among the students. The students are encouraged to develop community life and inculcate the spirit of tolerance, thus taking care of their psychological and emotional problems and shape themselves to be better citizens. It is in this spirit and sense of direction that rules and regulations are framed carefully for orderly and peaceful living, and to make the students Good Samaritans and leaders of tomorrow. Life in hostels always provides many wits and fond memories and as such all efforts are made to make the living in hostels most memorable.

  1. Admissions

Application for admission to the Hostel must be submitted to the Chief Warden.

The allotment of rooms to the applicants will be made by the Chief Warden / Warden. The hostelers are not permitted to change their rooms once occupied without the written approval from the Warden.

If a student is expelled from the University for any reason he/she should immediately vacate the hostel on the day of expulsion from the University. His / her continuance in the hostel will be treated as unauthorized occupation.

Address proof of the parents and student duly self-attested along with the phone numbers have to be attached at the time of admission in the hostel admission form as well.

Students must mention correct details in all the forms whenever and wherever required. The university administration is free to verify the details at any point & any time. In case the details are found inaccurate, strict actions can be taken against the student.

III. General Procedures

  1. The hostel rooms are subject to inspection by the University / Hostel authorities at any time to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy and no unauthorized & illegal items are kept in the room.
  2. The hostelers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings. The University is not liable for any theft or loss. The hostelers are advised to keep their rooms, boxes, suitcases, cupboards, etc., securely locked with good quality locks.
  3. All movements from and to the hostels should be recorded in the movement register kept with the security guard at the entrance of the hostel and should be properly signed. No hosteler is permitted to stay out of the hostel beyond 8:00 pm.
  4. The security guard has instructions to lock the gate after the stipulated timings as mentioned above.
  5. On Sundays the students will be permitted to visit Shantikunj for the purpose of darshan from 07:00am to 12:00pm. All students must return to the campus before 12:00pm in the noon. It is compulsory for all the students to visit Shantikunj in their white uniform.
  6. On the leaves of Sunday for Darshan, the students are not allowed to go at any other place apart from Shantikunj. Strict actions will be taken against the students not following this rule.
  7. The students are not allowed to go outside the campus. However, in extraordinary circumstances, if they want to leave the campus, prior written permission has to be obtained from the Warden.
  8. Students are required to submit a written permission duly signed by the parents/guardians whenever they want to stay out of the campus for more than 3 hours. The written permission can be in the form of letter duly signed. Apart from this, whenever the students wish to leave the campus for overnight stay, they will need the above mentioned written permission along with the leave form duly signed by the student him/herself as well as the Head of the Department/Course Coordinator correctly mentioning the reason for staying and the duration of stay.
  9. Any change in phone numbers of the parents must be informed to the university/hostel administration. Failure to do so may invite disciplinary action.
  10. Whenever they leave the hostel for vacations they have to inform the Warden in writing about their travel plan. In addition they have to “Check out” and “Check in” in the movement register kept with the security guard of the hostel.
  11. All the required permission and signatures have to be obtained by the students at least 24 hours prior of their leaving the campus.
  12. Whenever the students need to go out of the campus, they must take the prior permission on their permission card in the hostel office. In case of emergency, the students must call the wardens and leave can be given at any time of the day.
  13. At the time of starting of the semester, no student should lock any room other than the officially allotted room. Students leaving the hostel after the semester or discontinuing their stay should never lock their rooms and cupboards.
  14. Students are not allowed to keep vehicles in the campus.
  15. The University / Hostel authorities will conduct surprise checks periodically and if anyone is found violating the above rules, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
  16. Guests
  17. Guests are not permitted to stay in the hostels.
  18. Guests coming to meet the students are allowed in the hostel office at a specified time.
  19. Students are not allowed to organize any event/meeting/lecture/gathering of any kind in the campus without a prior permission from either the Vice Chancellor or the Pro Vice Chancellor.
  20. Separate accommodation facility is arranged for Alumni and research scholars. It is necessary for the Alumni & research scholars to obtain prior permission at least 2 days before their arrival from the Vice Chancellor/Pro Vice Chancellor/Chief Warden to stay in the hostel. The Alumni and the research scholars can stay in the hostel for maximum 3 days and 15 days respectively after getting required permissions.
  1. Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

5.1 About Campus Rules

  1. University is completely residential university, attendance in all the events prior for the student is compulsory.
  2. Students must wear Identity Card all the times while they are in class or in the campus. Students will not be allowed to enter the class room/dining hall without his/her identity card. In case of damage or loss of the Identity Card, the student must approach the authorized person immediately.
  3. Strict silence should be observed between 9:00 pm & 6:00 am.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus. Gambling in any form such as playing cards (even without money at stake), consumption of non-vegetarian food, eggs, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and narcotics and even possession of such things are prohibited. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against anyone found indulging in any kind of illegal activities or possessing illegal items.
  5. The Boys must wear the White Kurta & Pajama/Dhoti and Girls must wear white Salwar Suit/Saree during the academic hours. After that, they can wear Indian traditional attire i.e. Kurta Pajama for boys and Salwar Kurta for girls of any color. However, students may wear appropriate sportswear while playing indoor/outdoor games.
  6. The security guards are for the safety of the students. Students must behave with all security personnel amicably and with due respect. Any misbehave with the security personnel will not be tolerated.
  7. A student must furnish his/her identity cards when being asked by any authority of the university.

5.2 About Electronic Gadgets

  1. The students are not allowed to keep multimedia mobile phones, air coolers, musical instruments, music players, computers/laptops, electric irons or any electrical equipment without permission. Unauthorized possession will lead to confiscation of the goods & strict action can be taken.
  2. Multimedia Mobile Phones are not allowed:
    1. The Multimedia Mobile Phone is fully banned in the campus.
    2. For communication, students can keep simple mobile handsets in their rooms only.
    3. Students are not allowed to carry their phones outside the hostel premises.
    4. If a student is found in possession of/using the mobile phone in campus it can be confiscated by any authority of the university for 15 days for the first time. If such instances are repeated, the mobile phone will be confiscated for the whole semester & disciplinary action will be taken.
    5. Illegal, pornographic or adulterated contents in the form of books, magazines, pictures, movies etc. are strictly banned in the university campus. Possession of/watching such content will be considered as serious offence and strict actions will be taken against the student.
    6. In case of suspicion, the wardens have the right to check the laptops/mobile phones of the students.

5.3 About Rooms & furniture

  1. The students will be responsible to keep the hostel rooms, balcony, stove-gas, toilets, bathrooms and nearby lobbies/gallery clean. All students must participate in the weekly Shramdaan within the hostel to keep their surroundings clean.
  2. Any act of sticking poster/picture/notice or writing words on walls of the hostels is strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in such activities, s/he will be punished and disciplinary actions will be taken.
  3. Rough handling of dining hall furniture, room furniture or any furniture / property or fittings of the hostel is strictly forbidden.
  4. The cost of damages will be recovered from the respective student(s) from the caution money or through monetary fine.

5.4 About Food & Cooking

  1. Students are not allowed to cook anything in their rooms/dormitories.
  2. Students are not allowed to take food from the mess hall. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found in possession of/taking food from mess hall. In case of any emergency, after permission of the mess in charge, student may take food to the hostel.
  3. Consuming Onion/Garlic is strictly prohibited in the University Campus.
  4. Consuming non-vegetarian food and egg is strictly prohibited.

5.5 About Behavior & conduct in Hostels

  1. Perfect silence is to be maintained in the hostel premises including rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, corridors, common areas etc. Every student of the hostel should have the civic responsibility that he or she should not be a cause of nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to others.
  2. All hostelers must attend Morning Prayer at 05:00am and Evening Prayer at 08:00pm regularly. The prayers have to be conducted as per the instructions of the wardens. The students are not allowed to talk or loiter around during the prayers. Attendance will be taken during the evening prayers. Students are expected to comply with the volunteers who are on rounds and taking attendance during the prayer.
  3. The hostelers shall not waste food, electricity & water.
  4. Possession of any illegal or lethal weapons or any instrument / contrivance, which is likely to cause physical harm to others, is strictly prohibited.
  5. Strict action will be taken against any hosteler found indulging in any form of instigation / intimidation / threat to any other hostelers. In this regard, the decision of the Chief Warden is final and binding on the individuals concerned.
  6. When leaving the rooms for attending classes or for vacation, etc., fans, electrical gadgets, lights etc., should be switched off. Glass windows are to be closed securely.
  7. Walking along staircases should be silent, gentle without creating nuisance / noise to fellow hostelers.
  8. Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel during the class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reason. In such cases they should take the permission of the Warden.
  9. Hostelers coming to the Hostel after the gate closing hours without prior permission will be fined. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against repeated late comers.
  10. Clock alarms should be switched off, when not in use.
  11. Water should be carefully used and not wasted.
  12. Absentees / Latecomers will be punished.
  13. For a healthy life style, all students are suggested to sleep early and wake early. Students must stay in their rooms/dormitory after 10pm. Unnecessary loitering, talking, shouting can be considered as a minor offence and thus become a punishable act.
  14. Violation of any of these rules would result in punitive action and serious violations would be referred to the “Students Disciplinary Committee”. The decision of the committee would however be final.
  15. Mess Timings and Rules
  16. All the students of the hostel should take their food in the allotted mess time only.
  17. The meal timings are displayed at the entrance of the dining hall.

Lunch: 10:00am – 11:30am                   Dinner: 05:00pm – 07:00pm

These timings are to be strictly adhered to. It is not obligatory on the part of the kitchen/dining hall staff to serve the meals outside the prescribed timings.

  1. Food from mess for the students who are sick in Hostels can be procured after getting written permission from the Mess In charge / Warden / Estate Officer.

VII. Arrangements at the time of Vacation

  1. All hostel students (Boys & Girls) will vacate their rooms before proceeding on semester end vacations.
  2. A separate cloakroom will be made available to keep their belongings while proceeding on vacation. Personal belongings should be placed inside locked suitcases, and trunks/boxes and should bear complete details. The items kept inside the room are to be entered in the note book kept by the in-charge of the cloak room.
  3. Students who have kept their belongings in the cloak room should positively report on or one day before the reopening day and move to their respective rooms. Students who come late will not be entertained for any loss of property and will be penalized.

VIII. Health Care

  1. Medical dispensary is available in campus.
  2. Any hosteler, who is not well, should report to the Deputy Warden / resident Doctor for appropriate advice.
  3. If the situation warrants, admission to an outside hospital as inpatient, the same is to be reported to the Chief Warden immediately.
  4. If any sick hosteler requires special diet, the individual should inform the mess supervisor through the warden concerned for making suitable provisions.
  5. Other Facilities
  6. English & Hindi newspapers are provided in each hostel. Hostellers are requested to make best use of them.
  7. Common TV viewing rooms are provided and they are open from 8:15pm to 8:55pm on all days. (upto 10:30 pm on Saturday) so as to allow the hostellers to get back to their hostel room before the silence hour starts. The above TV timings would be very strictly observed without exception whatsoever. During study holidays and exam period TVs shall not be operated.
  8. The hostellers will have to collect their mails/letters from the hostel office.
  9. Ragging

Although the word ragging is unheard in the premises of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya.

Ragging in any form (making unpleasant noise, disorderly conduct, doing any act which causes or likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear of shame or an embarrassment to the new student, which include teasing, abusing, playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to such students or asking the new student to do any act or to perform such things which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly do is strictly forbidden. If anyone is found guilty of ragging he/she will be expelled and also liable for prosecution.

  1. Special rules for Foreign Students

All the rules and regulations given above are applicable to Foreign Students as well. In addition, the following special rules are meant exclusively for foreign students.

  1. If any student wants to leave the country on vacation or for any other purpose, the individual will submit a written application at least 15 days prior to the date of departure to the Pro Vice-Chancellor to enable the office to obtain all the required clearances from the authorities concerned.
  2. The application should have details such as (i) purpose (ii) duration of stay outside India (iii) full contact address with phone number.
  3. No student shall leave the town without written permission as indicated above. Failure will be treated as a serious violation of rules and the appropriate authorities will be informed for pursuing further action.

XII. Prayers

Morning prayers and evening prayers are conducted daily in the hostels at 5:00am and 8:00pm respectively. It is compulsory for all the students to attend this prayer.

Morning Prayer

वह शक्ति हमें दो

वह शक्ति हमें दो दया निधे, कर्तव्य मार्ग पर डट जावें।

पर सेवा पर उपकार में हम, निज जीवन सफल बना जावें॥

हम दीन-दु:खी निबलों-विकलों, के सेवक बन सन्ताप हरें।

जो हों भूले, भटके, बिछुड़े, उनको तारें खुद तर जावें॥

वह शक्ति हमें दो दयानिधे….॥

छल, द्वेष, दम्भ, पाखण्ड, झूठ, अन्याय से निशिदिन दूर रहें।

जीवन हो शुद्ध, सरल अपना, शुचि प्रेम सुधारस बरसावें॥

वह शक्ति हमें दो दयानिधे….॥

निज आन-मान, मर्यादा का, प्रभु ध्यान रहे अभिमान रहे।

जिस देश, जाति में जन्म लिया, बलिदान उसी पर हो जावे॥

वह शक्ति हमें दो दयानिधे….॥

Evening Prayer

विधाता तू हमारा है

विधाता तू हमारा है, तू ही विज्ञान दाता है।

बिना तेरी दया कोई, नहीं आनन्द पाता है॥

तितिक्षा की कसौटी से, जिसे तू जाँच लेता है।

उसी विद्याधिकारी को, अविद्या से छुड़ाता है॥

सताता जो न औरों को, न धोखा आप खाता है।

वही सद्भक्त है तेरा, सदाचारी कहाता है॥

सदा जो न्याय का प्यारा, प्रजा को दान देता है।

महाराजा! उसी को तू, बड़ा राजा बनाता है॥

तजे जो धर्म को, धारा कुकर्मों की बहाता है।

न ऐसे नीच पापी को, कभी ऊँचा चढ़ाता है॥

स्वयंभू शंकरानन्दी, तुझे जो जान लेता है।

वही कैवल्य सत्ता की, महत्ता में समाता है॥

XII. Revision of Rules and Regulations

The hostel management reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations from time to time and will keep the students informed of any changes in the form of notices on the hostel notice boards. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

XIII. Complaints and Suggestions

Any complaints, suggestions or enquiries are always welcome.