? Friends, turn away from the mirage of cravings, passions, greed and discontentment, and let your prayers and worship reach the stage where your personality would be illumined by God’s light, by the glow of divinity. This is true devotion. If you have cultivated virtuous tendencies and conduct, I assure you that you will get support and cooperation from people around you. Boons of enlightened progress will be showered upon you from all directions.

? This is what has been, and will continue to be, the source of God’s blessings, the blessings of divine mother Gayatri. This has been the great tradition of devotion and of devotees and will be so in the future too. If you understand this secret and learn the true meaning of worship and devotion, your Gayatri anusthana here will be accomplished in the truest sense.

? The self disciplining practices of this anusthana sadhana are meant to refine your personality so that virtuous tendencies flourish in you.  If this tapascarya of yours is sincere and one-pointed then at the end of this anusthana you will feel inwardly endowed with godly attributes of an authentically virtuous and noble person. When a person imbibes an attitude of loving service, he sees his own good in the welfare of others and experiences happiness in it. If you find them elevated in this state of nobility, I would say you have attained true devotion and grace of the god.

? You would be blessed by God, just as the great devotees of the past have been. I have tried followed this path and have been blessed with sublime gifts in my life. I want all of you, who have come for this sadhana course of a condensed anusthana, to get inspired and be blessed by divine grace. If this inspires you and you begin to practice it, I assure you that the result will be so fulfilling, so majestic that you, your country, your life, your God, this sadhana course and I myself will be glorified. May God bless you with his grace.


✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya