? The cultivation of these noble qualities has allowed great people to accomplish what sounds impossible for a normal human being. With the growth of divinity in personality, anybody can reach great heights of glory in the worldly as well as spiritual domains. It is only the adept usage of your virtues that is important; it does not matter whether they are used in the spiritual or material field. Your qualities, deeds and nature are sources of power in themselves. Where and how use them depends entirely upon your will.

? Success is earned by determined courage. Courageous temper is a spiritual quality. A yogi accomplishes devout endeavours with its support; tantriks and great personalities also achieve grand successes because of their extraordinary courage. Everyone needs it for attempting and succeeding in something (significant), even if he is a dacoit or a terrorist. If you are a yogi, you will be able to perform difficult yoga practices with the backing of your inner valour. If you are a leader, a reformer, then also you will progress as per your courageous zeal. It is a divine quality by origin.

? You may use it the way you want, it is up to you. What is noteworthy or specific in a person is the effect of his inner qualities. If deities bestow something upon someone, it will always be the wealth of virtuous qualities, virtuous potentials. Goddess Gayatri, whom you pray and worship through anusthanas , will also endow you with divine qualities. What will happen with the virtues (you acquire)? Well, virtuous qualities and potentials can bring you all that you want. Whether materialistic or spiritual, whenever someone has gained success it has been based on his virtuous potentials and talents only. Without the qualities of character and efficiency one cannot gain anything worthwhile – neither worldly nor spiritual.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya