Our folly!
? Man is an intelligent being but at times displays his foolishness more than his intelligence. Don’t know from where he has developed the notion that Gods fulfil all desires; they bestow the boons of wealth, son, job, victory… and what not. Unfortunately, this misconception has entered in the field of spirituality too. This single illusion has caused so great a loss and harm that the enormous benefits and bright possibilities of spirituality that would have beatified man with unlimited joy have been ruined completely.

? Deities have given only one thing in the ancient times and will give only one thing in the future too. As long as deities survive, devotion (to God) is sustained and the regularity of worship is maintained, one thing will be granted – divine virtues. If you are endowed with the virtues of divinity, then you will acquire hundreds and thousands times more glorious success than what you dream and desire now.

? What do you want from the blessings of a deity or a great saint or from the power of a mantra? A job of few thousand rupees in lieu of the invaluable treasure of divinity? If any deity bestows divinity upon you, then it will raise the worth of your job so much that you will be grateful forever. Vivekanand had gone to Swami Ramkrishna to ask for a job but he got what a great soul like him indeed deserved –divinity, true devotion (bhakti), strength (ïakti) and peace (ï³nti). What are these? These are divine virtues. When saints bless their kindness upon you, they inspire unique enthusiasm and optimism in your inner self, which pulls you towards enlightened values of morality.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya