Meaning and Purpose of Worship
? Why do we worship the divine?  To condition and remind our minds of our divine origin. True worship of God means only one thing –the cultivation of nobility in thoughts, motives, speech and action. If you think that by worshiping a particular God you will gain material success or fulfill a specific desire–– then it is a wrong delusion. Worshiping God with sincerity results in enhancement of virtues like generosity, compassion and warmth in your psyche.

? It brings about a positive change in the attitude of the devotee towards life. If you have not performed worship in its true sense, then you are likely to be lost in a maze of lifeless mechanical rituals. You should worship in such a way that you also get the gifts of grace bestowed on true devotees present and past. Your virtues, character, actions, behavior, thoughts and sentiments must improve as a result of worship. This is what shows the activation of divinity in life. If you attain this state, great opportunities will knock at your door.

? Glance through the cultural history of India –– all the great names in it are of those who served the noble cause for the good of all and not of those who earned scholastic laurels. Have you heard of Mahamana Malviyaji? He was an ordinary person who became a great personage through sincere worship of divinity as he conceived it.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya