? Friends! When God is pleased, He does not give you the petty worldly things you hanker after. Rather, He bestows on you godlike qualities which elevate your soul. The lives of world’s really great personage demonstrate this fact. None among them was such who did not receive God’s grace, guidance and cooperation of the masses they served.  Give me one name of a great personality who was not endowed with any godly qualities of compassion, love, faith and service and who did not elicit spontaneous and loving cooperation from those who followed him.

? The noble values and principles of morality, ethics and spontaneity when adopted in conduct, help in enhancements of talents and resources. Saints adhere to great ideals of god like lives. They are never poor; required resources arrive at their doorstep. But they do not accumulate them; they generously share them with the needy.

? When our minds are cleansed of all impurities and perversions, our material and inner resources are augmented. How many examples should I mention? The life of everyone who followed the ideal path of love-in-action and selfless service exemplifies this fact. They are true devotees in my view. I consider the worship and devotion of only those as true and worthwhile who could attract divine energies of their deity by the nobility of their character, by the magnetism of their virtues and by their single-minded determination at self refinement and self effacement When deities are happy with your worship, they bless you with the attributes of a divine being: enlightened wisdom, compassion and selfless service.

✍? Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya