Evaluation System

The University’s teaching, learning and evaluation schedules are planned well before the commencement of the semester. The semester-wise course list is provided in the prospectus itself. The detailed syllabus and reference books for each course is available in the Central Library; the students can readily refer to this syllabus and can get a photocopy if needed.

Based on the syllabus, the teacher for each paper prepares his/her teaching plan and submits it to the Head of the Department (HoD). The HoD monitors the progress of the teaching plan. The course-coordinators assigned for each course program also assist the HoD in supervising and monitoring the progress of the students.

The evaluation schedule consists of both internal and external evaluations. The internal evaluation usually consists of 4 tests, which are conducted on dates pre-decided by the Controller of Examinations. These dates are declared well in advance. In case a student misses one of these tests, then there is a provision for taking one special test, which is also conducted on a pre-decided date. The external evaluation consists of the semester-end examination.