Honourable Artis Bertulis ji (Latvia’s Ambassador to India) was awarded the prestigious “Award of Excellence” award from Asia’s first Baltic Education and Culture Centre located at the University. The award was given for his social and cultural contribution to the Baltic Centre.

Honourable Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Respected Dr Chinmay Pandya ji said on this occasion that India and Latvia are only geographically distant but our linguistic and cultural similarities are the evidence of our unbreakable ancient ties and we have the special responsibility of respected Artis Bertulis ji in maintaining them.

Expressing gratitude, the Ambassador said that India-Latvia relations are priceless and the contribution of the University to strengthening them is commendable.

On this occasion, he presented flowers and books brought from Latvia to the Vice-Chancellor. Let us tell you that earlier this honour has also been conferred on Honourable Martin Gauss (President, Air Baltic Airlines), Honorable Marcis Aujinsch (Former Chancellor, University of Latvia) and Honorable Yulius Pranevichius (Lithuania’s Ambassador to India). University officials, teachers and students were also present during the function.