Diya Initiatives

About Diya

Diya is an initiative taken by Dev Sanskriti University, which aims to improve and beautify the world we live in. Diya aims to stir young minds towards bringing about a change in society, and to channelize energy and capabilities of youth of India, which are now half of India’s population, towards a single aim of transforming the era and change the face of the world.


Through the whole of twentieth century we acquired a lot of success in the field of science and technology, but all that at the cost of losing nature, trees, ozone layer, fuel reserves, and polluting land and water. But the biggest of loss has been our loss of faith and human values. Science has undoubtedly created marvelous means of conveniences and luxuries but on the other hand it has also taken away a lot from us. Only a few people enjoy this progress and rest all pay for it. Diya wants to take constructive steps to negate the ill effects of one-track progress and inspire people towards holistic well being rather than mere materialistic growth.

With this vision, diya was lit at the Dev Sanskriti University, Hardwar on the convocation day of the year 2007 in the presence of Hon Dr Abdul Kalam and was much appreciated.

Why Diya

Wherever we look in the world today, we can see signs that the future we are creating is not what we imagined. Global warming, increasing unemployment, overpopulation, nuclear threats—not to mention the resultant psychological unrest have become more prominent than ever. Many thinkers, religious leaders, academics and scholars studying ancient prophecies have forecasted that the current scenario is a sign of a growing global instability—an instability which must either be eliminated or will grow into chaos within the next decade.


Without initiatives like diya, the world might live up to the most pessimistic of these forecasts.

Many people go through their daily lives vaguely aware of this, but lack a platform to turn their concerns into action. They also lack the company of like-minded people. DIYA is a collective platform of young minds that can help bring today’s tough situations under control.

For those who are unaware, apathetic, or simply don’t realize the urgency of the situation, diya is committed to bringing about this realization. For those who are aware, but cannot imagine how to make an impact themselves, diya will show them a way forward. And when this is done, diya will motivate these people to work together as a single, large diya family.

If you are looking for the right direction, not mere concerns and comments; if you want action, not passive philosophy; if you want accomplishment for society and yourself, not partisan manipulation, diya is the platform for you.

Diya employs a two-pronged approach for progress: development of the self and that of the society. Diya believes that effort to better your own self is the best service you can perform for society. By embarking on this journey of progress, you will realize that there is no greater contentment than striving for a meaningful cause*.

We spend our entire lives in search of complete happiness, not knowing where it really lies. The quest sometimes leads us down the wrong roads, and diya can enable us to find the right routes.

Vision ( Target )

To create Divine India by the year 2020


A healthy, prosperous, and holistically developed world can be created if youth take this task in their hands. DIYA is committed to motivate and bring together youth to work towards creating a new era through a well defined plan of action.

Objectives (strategy to achieve our mission and vision)

  1. Give youth a vision to create a new era
  2. Create healthy, self-reliant, educated, sensitive and noble youth
  3. Directing youth towards holistic individual, familial & societal development
  4. Instill idealistic thinking and social responsibilities in youth.
  5. Motivating youth to join the Thought Revolution Movement, which is the vehicle to bring the new era
  6. Nourish the young minds and give them strength to take idealistic decisions in the course of their lives.

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