Tai chi is an elegant form of exercise that originated in China and is being practised by people all over the world nowadays. It entails a series of slow, deliberate motions that are accompanied by deep breathing.

Tai chi, also known as “tai chi chuan”, is a mild physical exercise and stretching regimen that is non-competitive and self-paced. Each posture flows seamlessly into the next, ensuring that your body is constantly in motion.

Tai Chi has many styles. Within each style, there are variants. Some forms emphasise wellness, while others emphasize the martial arts side of Tai Chi. Unlike yoga, Tai Chi is another form of meditative movement. It is a low-impact exercise that puts less strain on muscles and joints, making it suitable for people of various ages and fitness levels. Because tai chi is a low-impact workout, it will be especially beneficial for older adults who might otherwise be unable to exercise.

Tai chi is usually appealing to people because it is affordable and does not require any particular equipment, can be practiced indoors or outdoors, one can practise tai chi alone or in a group.  When learned correctly and practised on a regular basis, it can be an effective part of a comprehensive health-improvement programme.

Tai Chi Centre of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya was established in 2017. Faculty members and students can benefit from the Tai Chi training at this centre. This centre was founded as a result of a collaboration of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya with the Yunnan Minzu University (YMC) of China. Yunnan Minzu University is a renowned university in China and is dedicated to promote Tai Chi all over the world. After this collaboration, trainers from the Faculty of Tai Chi, YMC, China come to teach Tai Chi in the university. DSVV is providing training for Yoga to the personnel of YMC. Yoga and Tai Chi can deepen India-China relationships.

Advantages of Tai Chi

➧ Reduced anxiety, stress, and depression

➧ Improve mood

➧ Increase energy and stamina

➧ Improve aerobic capacity

➧ Improve flexibility, balance, and agility

➧ Improve muscle definition and strength

➧ Improve the sleep quality

➧ Improve joint discomfort by boosting the immune system

➧ Help in low blood pressure.

➧ Improve congestive heart failure symptoms

➧ Enhance your overall well-being.