Rules and Regulations

  1. The students of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya shall wear the approved uniform of the University during teaching hours; i.e. White Kurta-Pyjama or Kurta-Dhoti for Boys and White Salwar-Kurta-Dupatta for Girls.
  2. The students of the Faculty of Yoga and Health are required to wear tracksuits for their Yoga Practical classes. Use of all other attires except the designated uniforms is prohibited.
  3. The University follows a modest dressing policy, referring to the use of attire suiting to the spiritual ambience of the campus
  4. All students shall wear attires that cover their shoulders, midriff and legs properly. Transparent dresses and casuals like shorts above the knee, low cut T-shirts, short-skirts, and tank tops are not allowed on campus.
  5. The Dupattas are a part of an Academic Attire. It is mandatory for all the female students to wear Dupattas with their uniform.
  6. It is mandatory for the students to carry their University Identity Cards on the campus, and show them as a proof of identification if or when asked by officers or authorities in the campus. 
  7. It is mandatory for all international students to stay in their designated hostels during the tenure of their course.
  8. The students are required to take the ‘permission for leave’ in writing from the Hostel Warden, before leaving the premises of the University.
  9. The students are issued a ‘Gate Pass’ which shall be used when they are going on leave. The students are required to fill the Gate Pass and get it signed by the Warden every time they take a leave from the campus. This Pass is submitted at the University gate while exiting and returned to the student on re-entering.
  10. Students shall return to the hostel by 8:00 PM. The gates of the hostel close at 9:00 PM. Students arriving late shall be allowed to enter only if permitted by the Warden.
  11. Evening prayer will be at 8:00 PM daily and it is mandatory for all the students to attend the prayer.
  12. The guests intending to visit the students can only be entertained after getting permission from the Hostel Warden. The guests are not allowed overnight stay in the hostel. 
  13. Students shall not visit the residencies of the faculty members. Male students are not allowed to visit the Girl’s Hostel and vice versa.
  14. Cooking appliances are not permitted in the hostel rooms except those allowed by the University, such as Juicers and Kettles. The students are provided with a Pantry area in their hostels to suffice their kitchen requirements.
  15. Students shall use only those electrical appliances in the hostel that are allowed in the campus (such as irons and kettles).
  16. Students, under any circumstances, shall not keep animals in their hostels.
  17. University Officers and the Facilities Maintenance Staff may enter the hostel for inspection, maintenance or meetings with the students.
  18. If a student is found responsible for damaging a University property then he/she would be required to pay the liable costs.
  19. The University adheres to a strict vegetarian diet. Cooking or eating non-vegetarian food (including eggs) on the campus is strictly prohibited.
  20. The University also follows a Sattvic Diet Pattern, hence cooking or eating onion or/and garlic on the campus is strictly prohibited.
  21. The University follows a strict No-Smoking/ Tobacco/Alcohol Policy. Students not in abidance of the policy shall be subjected to disciplinary actions including possible withdrawal from their course/program. 
  22. The unlawful possession of drugs by any student is strictly prohibited. Any student who is found to have violated this rule shall be subjected to disciplinary actions or his/her admission shall be revoked.
  23. The Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, being an Environmentally Sustainable Model, is a Polythene-Free Zone. Use of Polybags in the premises is strictly prohibited.
  24. Under no circumstances should the students litter or discard waste in bathrooms, hallways/lobbies, staircase, balconies or/and outside their hostels. Students are expected to discard their waste in the designated bins for proper composting.
  25. The University has an on-campus Paper Recycling Unit. Students are expected to discard paper wisely for recycling.
  26. Students must attend all classes and maintain minimum 80% attendance in all papers to be allowed to appear in the Semester Examinations.
  27. Students have to submit all their assignments by the given/stated deadlines.
  28. It is mandatory for all the students to attend the special Life Management classes of the Hon. Pro Vice Chancellor.
  29. Each student of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya is required, as a condition of admission, to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the University.
  30. The University expects the students to be familiar with these regulations. A claim of ignorance or un-awareness of any of the regulations will not be accepted as an excuse for violating them.
  31. If any student is found violating any of the University rules then the warden has the right to report that student to the disciplinary committee. 
  32. The Hostel Warden has the right to report any act of misconduct or indiscipline to the administration/authorities for appropriate action.
  33. The University administration has the authority to suspend or revoke a student’s admission on the basis of disciplinary grounds.
  34. The University Administration reserves the right to change/modify the rules from time to time. The students must comply with them.