Few days ago, an important recommendation letter was issued by the Ministry of Education of Lithuania, one of the Baltic Nations, in which, the Centre for Baltic Culture and Studies of the prestigious institute,  the Dev Sanskriti University (DSVV), was conferred an official recognition. The Government of Lithuania approved scholarship for about forty students from DSVV to study at various educational institutions in Lithuania for cross cultural studies.

In order to duly implement such scholarship, a mutual understanding has been signed between the Vilnius University, Lithuania and the Dev Sanskriti University recently. The understanding, apart from cooperating in Lithuanian Academic Plan for the International Cooperation and Internationalization of Baltic Studies, will also fulfill the purpose of expanding the laws and other rules of Lithuania and the Republic of India.

It is to be noted that the Centre for Baltic Culture and Studies has been designed to promote the cultural activities of both India and the Baltic Nations. At present, innovative research works are being carried out by the Centre on various cultural activities by way of organizing workshops, research and project works on various elements of culture, etc.