National Wildlife Conservation Week is being celebrated by the Department of Environmental Science of the University. On the third day of the Wildlife Week event, Shri Vijay Pal Baghel ji, popularly known as Green Man of India, and other guests Shri Rakesh Khatri ji and Nivedita ji arrived as the chief guest. On his arrival, he met respected Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr Chinmaya Pandya and Registrar Shri Baldau Devangan ji.

Dr Mohit Sharma of the department introduced the chief guest Harit Rishi to the students. Addressing the students and other guests present, Chief Guest Vijay Pal Baghel ji talked about his movement and the work done towards environmental protection. In which he discussed the movements being run by him. In this topic, he discussed with the students how the environment is related to our culture and the crisis faced by humans due to the lack of air during the covid epidemic.

After this, Dr Arunesh Parashar ji explained the importance of sensitivity towards nature in life. Made everyone pledge to live an eco-friendly life. After this sapling was planted in the presence of the respected chief guest and other guests, all the students and the students took a pledge to nurture and protect it.