Two students of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, from the Department of the National Service Scheme, were selected for the Pre Republic Day Parade. In this Parade, 6 students were selected from the entire Garhwal Region; amongst them two belonged to DSVV. It is to be noted that aforesaid camp was organized from October 3 to October 12 in which 200 volunteers of NSS from various states took part. Candidates were selected on the basis of specified parameters like weight, length, race, sports, parade and cultural events. The selected students from DSVV, Yash Kumar belonged to the BBA course of the Department of Tourism Management while Tanya Kanwal belonged to the B.Sc. course of the Department of Environmental Science.

The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, congratulated the entire University on selection of the above mentioned students. He said that the volunteers of DSVV have been glorifying the name of the Uttarakhand state by regularly participating in the Pre Republic Day Parade for the last six years.

The coordinator of the National Service Scheme in DSVV, Dr. Arunesh Parashar, said that the preparations of the parade have been going on for the last one month. Presently, the students are preparing to take part in the parade procession to be taken out at Rajpath, Delhi in January, 2019.

The entire University Management congratulates the students for their achievement.