Students of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya got a chance to present their candidacy in the 12th Bharatiya chhatra sansad. In this, students Alokmani Sharma, Sanjana Kavidayal, Hemanandan Sharma were selected. Of these, Hemanandan Sharma and Sanjana Kavidayal got the privilege of keeping their thoughts at the national level as “student speakers” in the main program.

Alokmani Sharma is an alumnus speaker of the 11th Indian Student Parliament (Bharatiya chhatra sansad). On this occasion, the Respected Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr Chinmay Pandya ji met the students and encouraged them.

Let us tell you that this Bharatiya chhatra sansad – Indian Student Parliament is the largest ever youth student parliament organized by MIT WPU Pune Maharashtra. In which about ten thousand students from more than 420 universities of India do participation.