Department                  Course Name   Syllabus
Department of Ayurveda, Yagya Sciences & Holistic HealthPRACTICAL ASPECTS OF YAGYOPATHY       Syllabus Link
Department Of EducationMICRO TEACHING SKILLS       Syllabus Link
Department of Indian Classical MusicPRAGYA BHAW NRITYA -PRACTICAL (ONLY FOR GIRLS)       Syllabus Link
Department Of Indian Classical MusicDHAPLI VADAN [PRACTICAL]       Syllabus Link
Department Of Journalism And Mass CommunicationTRAVEL BLOGGING      Syllabus Link
Department of Philosophy, Religious Studies and DivinityYAGYA EVAM SANSKAR      Syllabus Link
Department Of PsychologyRELAXATION AND SLEEP MANAGEMENT      Syllabus Link
Department Of Rural Studies And SustainabilitySCREEN PRINTING      Syllabus Link
Department Of Tourism ManagementTRAVEL WRITING & PHOTOGRAPHY      Syllabus Link
Department Of Yogic Science & Human ConsciousnessCOMMON YOGA PROTOCOL      Syllabus Link
Department of AnimationBASICS OF VIDEO EDITING      Syllabus Link