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Facilities & Resources

University Campus

Main Campus

Our main campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and recreational areas.

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

We offer a wide range of sports facilities, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts, and football field.

Sports Facilities

Computer Labs

We provide well-equipped computer labs with the latest hardware and software for students and faculty.

Sports Facilities

Learning Resources

DSVV ensures comprehensive access to learning resources through its central library, providing students
with free entry to a wealth of materials. This eliminates the need for students to frequently spend on
academic books or other essential resources.
The expansive library proudly safeguards a wealth of significant manuscripts, preserving the ancient
traditional knowledge of India. Furthermore, the digitization of books by the founder-patron allows
global access to insights on India’s ancient traditional knowledge. The university’s faculty has actively
contributed to publications, ranging from revered Upanishads to classical scriptures like Yoga Vasishta.
During term time, the library remains open till late hours, offering over 4,000 physical books and an
array of online resources, including databases, reference materials, and journals.

Sports Facilities

Zero-Carbon Footprint Campus

DSVV stands tall with a zero-carbon footprint campus, embodying a commitment to environmental
sustainability. Waste isn’t merely recycled but also finds new life through repeated reuse. This dedication
to sustainable practices echoes a perpetual endeavor to harmonize education with environmental

Sports Facilities

Yagyavalkya Center for Yagya Research

DSVV takes pride in the establishment of the groundbreaking ‘Yagyavalkya Center for Yagya Research.’
This unique initiative is dedicated to the preservation and in-depth exploration of the sacred tradition of
Yagya. The Center is committed to conducting high-quality research, delving into the historical, cultural,
and spiritual dimensions of Yagya practices. Through this endeavour, DSVV aims not only to uphold
the rich heritage of Yagya but also to contribute valuable insights to the broader academic and spiritual

Sports Facilities

Unique Academic Collaboration: DSVV’s Center for Baltic Culture and Studies

DSVV proudly hosts the first and only Center for Baltic Culture and Studies (CBCS) in Asia, established
in 2016 to commemorate the special connections between India and the Baltic Nations. The CBCS
actively engages in joint academic exchange programs, research and development initiatives, as well as
joint seminars and conferences. This collaborative effort aims to foster and promote academic activities
in both India and the Baltic countries within their respective nations.

Sports Facilities

Sanskriti Centre for Incubation & Training

SKIT offers opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills for students who are curious about
developing an entrepreneurial mindset. It offers various training programs and activities under the
guidance of the Institutions Innovation Council. Additionally, it also offers focused mentorship from
experienced innovators and businesses.

Sports Facilities

South Asian Institute For Peace And Reconciliation

Peace Institute which focuses on the role of religion in conflict and peace building located in South Asia
(SA) is a unique and much-needed addition to global Peace Studies scholarship and practice. This does
not necessarily mean that the Institute will have an exclusive geographical focus on South Asia, but that
it values Asian knowledge, wisdom and values in its study of peace. SAIPR would also have a strong
research focus on reconciliation, as this is an extremely important and relatively under-researched area
which is strongly linked to the religious/cultural dimensions of peace building.

Sports Facilities

Creating Impactful Learning Experiences: Online Short-term Modular Courses

DSVV’s online short-term modular courses (STMCs), offered by various departments, are meticulously
designed to align with NEP 2020, Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and the seven initiatives of
Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Pariwar. These courses go beyond traditional education, aiming to enhance daily
life by providing capacity-building modules. They cultivate advanced cognitive abilities, encourage
specific forms of comprehension, and facilitate the development of skills, abilities, and mental habits.
Through these efforts, the courses offer a distinct and impactful approach to learning.

Sports Facilities

Curricular Activities:


  • Gender Studies components within the Life Management tutorials offer a thorough exploration
    of gender roles, power dynamics, and cultural influences affecting gender identity and
  • Inclusive language policies are integrated into all classroom settings and course materials.
  • Course materials and readings incorporate diverse voices and experiences, including perspectives
    from women


Teaching & Learning


Innovative Teaching Methods

DSVV employs progressive teaching methodologies, including project-based learning, case-based
learning, and experiential learning, to encourage interdisciplinary education. These approaches empower
students to apply insights from various disciplines to real-world challenges through online collaboration
tools, virtual simulations, and augmented reality experiences. This provides students with a more
immersive and engaging learning experience and helps them connect different disciplines in a more
meaningful way.
Your weekly schedule will vary depending on your course, encompassing seminars, lectures, lab work,
and language classes. This combination provides an ideal setting for an exceptional education.
Typically, you’ll attend four to five lectures daily, each lasting about an hour. These sessions, organized
by your course department, cover crucial topics relevant to your studies. Whether in a lecture, tutorial,
seminar, or any other format, classes foster the exchange of ideas, offering a fantastic opportunity to
explore diverse perspectives and enhance multidimensional thinking. Active participation, including
presenting and defending opinions, accepting constructive criticism, and engaging in thoughtful
discussions, is essential.
Certain courses incorporate more weekly classes to hone specific skills required for the subject. For
instance, Yog-related courses include additional practical sessions each week. These classes also serve
as a platform to delve into the current research conducted by academics in your department.
Moreover, we host a variety of talks on different subjects, open for attendance by anyone interested.

Computer Lab

Life Management Skills

In addition to your academic pursuits, DSVV prioritizes early career success and equipping you to thrive
in today’s competitive global market. As part of our commitment, we integrate mandatory life
management skills courses in each semester of all our programs. The Careers Service provides a plethora
of ideas to foster skill development both within and beyond the university setting. Moreover, we conduct
various skills programs aimed at honing these essential competencies to empower you for the
professional journey ahead

Computer Lab

Social and Summer Internships

The Summer Internship at DSVV offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in various departments
of Shantikunj, providing a firsthand experience of real-life work culture. Each year, students embark on
internships, acquiring valuable work experience and engaging in interesting projects.
This program not only allows students to explore work experience options in different sectors across
India but also offers full-time internships lasting 2-4 weeks during the summer vacation. Each internship
is structured as a defined project, overseen by a supervisor, creating tangible value for the host
organization and delivering a valuable learning experience for the student.

Computer Lab

Career Guidance and Support

The Careers Service at DSVV provides personalized support to help you discover and pursue your career
goals. Regardless of your chosen subject or whether you’re aiming to enter the job market upon
graduation or pursue further studies, we’re here to support you in making the right choice for your future.
The Department of Career Support, Guidance, and Progression (CSGP) at DSVV is dedicated to offering
tailored support, empowering students to develop their skills and position themselves optimally for
entering the job market or advancing their careers. Regardless of your career interests or chosen degree,
our team is here to provide expert advice and resources. We organize a variety of events and workshops
on diverse career-related topics, facilitated by employers and careers advisers. Additionally, students
can benefit from face-to-face career advice appointments with our expert career advisers.
CSGP is comprised of seven cells

  • • Career Guidance Cell
  • • Training Cell
  • • Core Competency Development Cell
  • • Online Short-Term Modular Courses Cell
  • • Placement Cell
  • • Alumni Cell
    • Institutions Innovation Council