? Friends! If I ever help you on any account either of humanity, spirituality or my soul and BHAGWAN, it is not my any favour extended to you, rather it is a favour done to my own soul which continues to complain me, ‘‘O rude man! Give something to this world, don’t eat up things. Avoid getting burdened with debt as here the man has been born only to give other eligible ones.’’

? Friends! Each of you will land in above position once BHAGWAN comes to you, GAYTARI mantra comes to you. Each of you will land in the same position as that of mine. Whenever RAM will come to you, you will be living a life of HANUMAN; it means attaining a state of mind of HANUMAN implies RAM approaching to you. The day KRISHAN BHAGWAN comes to you; you will be living like ARJUN. If your approach in life is like that of HANUMAN and ARJUN, it can be said that either RAM or KRISHAN is with you.

? Friends! It is an education of spirituality, of GAYATRI. You will say, ‘‘GURU JI, I came here to learn the magical tricks of GAYATRI mantra and yours’ other accomplishments. BETA!  There is no magic in the world and there is no importance and value of any ritual. Had it not been so, MARA, MARA of dacoit VALMIKI would not have worked; RAM, RAM of SHABRI would not have worked; your chanting of VISHNU SAHASTRNAM would not have gone in vein; your BHAGWAT-PATH( chanting of BHAGWAT) did not work but of SHABRI, her RAM-RAM continued to do miracles.

? From Akhand Jyoti