On the occasion of International Yoga Day, various types of programs were organized at Baku, Azerbaijan. The chief attraction of all the programs was the organization of Yagya at the historic Ateshgah Fire temple. The details of the programs were prepared jointly by Shri Jairam Motlani, the representative of the Dev Sanskriti VishwavidyalayaDr. Jaswinder Singh, the Sikh Priest and Mr. Kaavas D. Bagli, the Persian Priest. Yagya (the offerings to the Deity Fire) was conducted under the supervision of Shri Motalani wherein he also discussed the effect and the utility of performing Yagya. The Chief Guest of the occasion, His Excellency Mr. Sanjay Rana, the Indian Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, participated in the offerings along with this his wife, Mrs. Barbara Jaworska. The views and thoughts on Yagya were very attentively listened to by the two dignitaries with other visitors of the occasion. Melodious prayers were sung by Persian brotherShri Vagli. Major teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib were described by Dr. Jaswinder Singh at the end of the event.

Training camps on Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama etc. were conducted at large scale with lots of people participating overwhelmingly. The participants included people from many countries besides the Indian Families, who came filled in 5 buses on appeal of the Indian Embassy. The response of all the people was overwhelming.

The Indian Ambassador also organized a program of Yagya at his residence to celebrate his son’s birthday. The new method of birthday celebration with beautiful showers of flowers enraptured all visitors. Lastly, a program of devotional songs (Kirtan) was held at the Iskon Temple. Thereafter, through the Courtesy of the Indian Embassy a list of a series of Yoga programs for next seven days was declared in which all members shared their responsibilities to make the programs successful.